Welcome to the Shining South a rich and peaceful land. While the North teems with strife from Thay to Cormyr the south lands have had relative peace, until now.

Dambrath dominates the south, a huge nation of humans and half drow called Crinti. To their north the Dwarves,to their east the Halflings and to their west the godless Halruaans. The only friends to Dambrath are the Drow of the Underdark. 

The peace of the South has been broken, and as so often happens it is the gods themselves who are to blame. Two Halfling gods have conspired against the Drow. Not content to sit back and suffer the depredations of the Drow, Yondala the goddess of fertility and Brandobaris the god of thievery have joined forces and stolen the Drow ability to reproduce. The Drow are now seeking vengeance and will rid the world of the Halfling cancer. But the Halflings are not alone, Moradin the Dwarven god of war has sworn an oath to protect the outmatched Halflings. 

The once peaceful south erupts in war. Dwarven Legions assemble, Crinti Shadowriders gather, the Halflings inappropriately throw some sort of party. Ilithids rise to the surface as unreliable allies to the Drow. All manner of creature come from the Underdark seeking the spoils of war.

Amongst this turmoil a party of adventurers gathers. Will they find fame and fortune or become the mindless meat slave to an Ilithid?

The Shining South